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Foods for Haircare (for the Lazy Girl)

My earliest memory related to hair care is my mother trying very hard to massage warm coconut oil into my tresses and scalp, with me wiggling around like an eel! Now there was a tradition in our house that before shampooing your hair you have to apply coconut oil. And I vehemently hated the process! It was a constant fight with my mother and finally, very reluctantly I would ultimately give in and be drenched into a headful of coconut oil.

 Now that I recall those days I realize how lucky I was and feel deeply repentant for my behavior. Throughout my growing years, I hated my hair type and wistfully looked at my friends with straight and silky hair. How I wished that God would bless me with curtain-like hair that swishes around like a horse’s tail! (My hair type is actually thick and wavy with a very strong mind of its own)

                Then in my late teen years, I discovered the magical instrument called the Straightening Iron or as we call it the Hair Straightener. It was during my sister’s wedding that I first got my hair ironed from a professional beauty parlour and loved the effect. But this magical wand came with its fair share of fear and paranoia of going bald in the long run. So I used it sparingly and my search for beautiful hair elixir and DIYS continued.

                When I started to live alone in a strange city for my job, I would remember my mother’s efforts behind my now strong and healthy hair and felt really amazed at what a spoilt brat I was! So paying tribute to coconut oil I oiled my hair once a week for the first two years of my living alone. Even then my quest for the hair of my dreams continued.

                Then one day it was at the salon that I heard about this new miraculous protein treatment for managing unruly hair and getting relaxed, tameable tresses. I was very skeptical and the going bald paranoia returned. So I did some extensive research and went through with the treatment. The protein infused into the hair strand making them smoother and more manageable. I will not lie that I was extremely happy with the results and I can safely say that it worked like magic on my hair and for the first time in my life I loved my hair. Now, it was after this that I got to know the magic trick behind having happy healthy hair always. As a post-treatment care, I was advised to use Sulphate Free Shampoos (SLS-free). This, my friends, is the golden piece of advice that few hairstylists give us, because if all girls become happy with their hair the beauty parlours and salons will be out of business.

                So ever since I have switched over to using sulphate free shampoos, of which there are few brands which have done wonders for my hair. You can reach out to me through email or through social media to get my suggestions about the brands. Now I go to the parlour only for very occasional blow dries and love my hair the way it is. There is one more magical tool in my arsenal and that is the air-styler. It is actually a combination of a paddle brush and a hair drier. Immediately after washing my hair and towel drying I use this brush to dry my hair and automatically my hair is tamed and manageable. For the bangs sometimes the straightening iron does come out but it is no longer my crutch.

                There is one more lifestyle change that has greatly helped me with my hair-woes. And that change is including nutritious food in my diet which does wonders for the hair and skin. I consciously eat seasonal fruits on a regular basis together with a healthy dose of nuts, eggs, and fish. Also water plays a huge role in not only your overall health but also helps the skin and hair. I really believe that water is a miraculous drink and try to drink at least 4 litres of water in a day.

         Now I rarely oil my hair or go in for expensive hair treatments but I can safely say that at this stage of my life I am the happiest with my hair and my purse is happy too.

(**Some images are from https://burst.shopify.com)

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