About Me

I am a big foodie and not only love to eat but love to cook for people close to my heart.
From an early age, I had dreamt that I will be a Chef someday or rather a Pastry Chef. But life, as usual, has its own plans for you and I ended up doing something totally differenf.
This blog will help me fulfill my dream (to some extent at least) of cooking and baking and sharing my recipes with people all over the world. The thought of my recipes being helpful to anybody gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction.
As I an introvert the otherwise difficult peocess of sharing my thoughts, life hacks ,tips and tricks will also be easier through this platform.
Hope you will like my posts and let me know how the recipes turn out. For any customization or questions regarding the recipes please feel free to email me at d.basu09@gmail.com

Happy Reading and Cooking!!!


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