MotherHood Vs. Career: Is There Need To Make A Choice?

A few months into my marriage, I got a call for a job interview. Among other questions, I was asked about my plans to start a family because I was newly married. I found that strange, because according to me, my performance had nothing to do with whether I decide to become a mother or not. But what they were concerned about was whether the training I would receive would be worth the money they spend on me if I decide to quit post-pregnancy. This is not just my story alone. Thousands of women in India and across the globe are questioned about their decisions to have a child while still being employed. It is as if you have a make a choice whether you want to climb the corporate ladder or raise a child. Apparently, you can’t do both!! Are newly married men subject to the same kind of…

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My Blogging strategy that brings traffic!

Nanny Maryanne

It’s no secret that my blog is growing into something wonderful and I am so excited to share my journey with you.

Many of you have been requesting that I share my strategy, so that is what I am going to do today!

Before I get into the juicy stuff I want to give a massive thank you to all of you that have supported me this far and encouraged me to keep going even when it is tough!

I really appreciate every bit of support and to those who are reading this, I want you to know that we are in this together!


Develop a Content Strategy

A viable content strategy actively works out your entire material lifecycle. Have a clear head on what people need and expand on this throughout your journey.

Your job is to be the middle man in-between people’s issues and you need to be…

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About Me

This blog site was gifted to me by my elder sister nearly 2 years back when she had jumped on the blogging bandwagon. Today after a particularly trying day in the office when I returned  i suddenly remembered my gifted wordpress account. After password recovery and etc. etc…finally began to write. I was a passionate cook and a baker from as young as 10 years old. I always loved to make goodies and invite my friends over. I thrived as a hostess and it gave me immense pleasure to feed people who are close to my heart. Now as i grew up , got a full time job, got married and run a house of my own the passion dwindled quiet a lot. But recently i suddenly remembered a dish which attracted me since my teenage years. I had always wanted to bake a   “Shepherds Pie” but never got round to doing so. So finally after researching a lot and going through a lot of recipes could not find which satisfied me. So with lots of tweaking and adjustments of flavour i created a recipe which turned out to be quite tasty!!!(As certified by my hubby).So finally i will inaugurate this blog with my first recipe and many more to come (fingers crossed).

Happy Reading and Cooking guys 🙂