Yummy Easy Dark Chocolate Fudge

This recipe is for all the fellow chocolate lovers and chocoholics out there!!

I am a chocoholic and I was extremely excited on hearing this recipe from my boss . My ears perked on hearing the ingredients and the method as it is truly very easy. I tweaked the  recipe according to my taste and will give the alternative ingredients in the recipe itself. You don’t have to be a pro-baker or an expert cook to make this fudge but the result will surely be a super hit. It is a no bake and  no cook dessert which can be made in 20 minutes flat (Chilling time is extra)
Now let’s get down to the recipe!

Things you will need:

  1. Dark Chocolate Compound(400g bar)(You can use 70 to 80% dark chocolate but the sweetness will have to be adjusted accordingly)
  2. Salted Butter (75g+10g)
  3. Dry Fruits ( Cashew,Almonds,Pistachio,Sunflower seeds,Raisins)
  4. Salt 1/4 tsp
  5. Condensed Milk (100 g) (Alternatively you can use Fresh Cream but then you might have to add some brown sugar)
  6. Flax Meal 2tbsp ( Powdered Flax Seeds)
  7. Square Brownie Tray
  8. Baking/ Parchment paper( You can use foil instead if you don’t have parchment paper)

1.In a pan,add butter and roast all the dry fruits except raisins till golden brown. It will take around 5 to 6 minutes in medium heat.
2.Cut the dark chocolate bar with a knife into chunks and put in a microwave safe bowl.Add the butter. (If you don’t have a microwave you can use a double broiler)
Melt the chocolate and the butter at full power for 1 minute.
3.Take out from the microwave and check if the entire chocolate is molten or not. Adjust the microwave time accordingly.
4.Mix the molten chocolate and the butter. Add the condensed milk, salt, flax meal,cocoa powder and mix well.
5.Add the milk and keep on mixing till the chocolate mix becomes shiny and the consistency becomes smooth.
6.Now add in all the dry fruits and combine.
7.The dark chocolate compound that I have used had sugar in it. So I have used lesser amount of condensed milk. If you use pure dark chocolate you will have to add more sweetener according to taste.
8.Grease the parchment paper and line the square brownie tray.
9.Pour in the chocolate dry fruit mix and don’t forget to lick the bowl as we cant afford to waste very very tasty and yummy high quality chocolate!
10.Smoothen the top of the mixture with a knife and also by tapping the brownie tray on the counter.
11.Cool to room temperature. Cover with foil and put it in the fridge to chill for at least 4 hours.
12.Then the difficult part is waiting till our fudge is set.
13.Once the fudge is chilled and set take it out from the fridge.Remove from the tray along with the parchment paper and place on a chopping board.
Now cut it into squares in a size of your choice and wrap individual fudge pieces in foil.
The extremely yummy,delicious and super easy dark chocolate fudge is ready to be served to your near and dear ones!!
Enjoy!! And don’t forget to let me know how your fudge turned out.

Yummy Dark Chocolate Fudge