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Green Tea and Me… #SuperBloggerChallenge #Instacuppa

We are a hot beverage loving family. In one of our favourite comedy shows The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon used to be very prompt with a steaming cup of hot beverage when any of his friends were upset. He was very very particular about it. He was so right about the feel good effect of a nice warm cup of steaming green tea with honey brought to you if you are feeling a bit under the weather.
As far back I can remember we have had tea twice daily in our home. Every Bengali household have their favourite Darjeeling Leaf tea which has to be soaked for the perfect golden brown liquor and can be enjoyed with or without a spoon of warm milk.

It was in my teen years when I came across the word green tea. My mother had bought a pack of loose leaf green tea from our neighbourhood tea store “Sweet Valley Tea Co.” from where we still buy our tea. We experimented with the right temperature and proper method of making green tea as unlike now information or recipes were not so easily available. That was the beginning of a very sweet and long relationship with Green Tea. Many people like it and many don’t but our relationship is still going strong.

Do you know how green tea is made? Green tea, black tea, white tea all are harvested from a single tea plant! The only difference is in the level of oxidation (i.e how long the freshly plucked tea leaves are exposed to air before drying) of the leaves which give the tea its name. Me and my hubby have started a new game called “Tea Trivia of the Day” in which either of us share any new fun facts about tea, one of our favourite beverage. We have umpteen number of tea and coffee dates throughout the day (we are co-workers), so we just like to make things fun and convert the mundane to exciting and survive the daily drudgeries.
The plethora of green tea benefits are known to everybody. I will not get into that. But rather I love the fact that it is super healthy as well as tasty. It is a hot favourite amongst all the ladies who have embarked upon a journey towards a healthier life as green tea is known to have magical weight loss properties. It is touted to be a zero calorie drink if it is consumed without any sweetener or milk. How much more magic do we need?

Organic green tea

Now many people do not know the proper method of making this tea. Do you know how to make the perfect cup of green tea? I can help you with the easiest green tea recipe. The trick lies in the just right temperature of water. You should never add green tea leaves or tea bags in boiling hot water. After your water has boiled just wait for 40 seconds to a minute after turning off the heat. When the bubbles of the boiling water have subsided, then is the right time to add your tea leaves and let it steep for 3 minutes for light liquor, 4 minutes for medium liquor and 5 minutes for a strong liquor

A vacuum insulated thermos with an in built green tea diffuser is a great idea for carrying your favourite cuppa on the go. It can keep the sudden tea urges at bay and also help to keep things healthy.

It is important to remember that like all other tea, green tea also has caffeine content and too much of anything can never be good for you. For me the most common green tea side effect if I have too many cups in the evening is caffeine related. So it is best to not over do the number of cups of green tea you consume in a day and stick to your tolerated quantity.
For me tea time is more of a ritual rather than a habit. We cherish the time that we spend sipping our mugs of warm and enriching green tea. While working at my desk, whenever I feel a bit peckish or mildly drowsy a mug of steaming hot green tea is a saviour. I hope my relationship with tea will continue to be as sweet and as comforting in the future.

Afternoon herbal tea break at my desk. The tea setup in my office is stark but gets the work done. Herbal and digestive green teas help to get over the post lunch daze….

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